St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy

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Feb 1, 2018

Thursday, 1st February, 2018

Sacred Time with 11 Maria - Can they pull it off?

I love joining forms for Sacred Time and today it was 11 Maria and Mr Shinks who presented an informative, joyful and holy Sacred Time featuring a story about Socrates - the philospopher who lived in ancient Greek times.  Basically, the moral of the story was that if you look for goodness, you'll find it.  If you look for evil, you will find it - a timeless truth, so I guess it's worth looking for goodness!  This is surely what St, Julie would approve of - as so many of the phrases we encounter in our weekly Words of St. Julie include the words 'good God'!   For example, this week's words are: "We must be gentle without weakness.  The good God gives us the right balance."


At lunchtime, Overwhelm had their final practice for First Friday and it went well!  Thanks to Kelsey and Alice who stayed behind to move gear after school.  So, can Overwhelm pull it off and, with just a few days of existence, lead First Friday - Hymns Old and New?  Watch this space!