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Jan 15, 2018

Monday, 15th January, 2018

Demolition - Sacred Time Visits - Exam Prayer - Lunchtime with 7 Rigby

After a rather splendid weekend of sport - Liverpool destroying Man City and England's male cricketers battering Australia - I came in to see our demolition experts destroying the old school building, battering it into submission!  Our view from various points will be transformed as we see the sky again!

 This afternoon, Mr Radburn and I were looking out from the main entrance towards the rubble and he reminded me that, in Syria and other locations around the world, people are forced to live in such conditions as fighting continues around them.  How lucky we are and how we must make the most of the opportunities we receive.

 This morning thoughts turned to last term's Sacred Time visits as I wrote my termly report on them.  There was so much to celebrate: 13 Cecelia - who did Sacred Time even though their Form Tutor wasn't in; 13 Bridget - so organised, committed and reflective; 7 Nugent - with their enthusiasm; 7 Dorothy - and the postive and nurturing atmosphere they enjoy!

 I loved visiting 12 Hope - who were shown a photo by their Form Tutor which provoked discussion and reflection.  What do you think of it?

The Chapel was very quiet this morning because our Year 11 students (who gather for assembly on Mondays) were in exams.  Please keep them in your prayers and maybe say our Exam Prayer for them:


At lunchtime, the Chapel was not quiet as 7 Rigby came for their final rehearsal for their assembly tomorrow.  I don't think I've ever seen such sustained commitment from such a young form.  They are fantastic and I'm sure they'll deliver a brilliant assembly in the morning.  I'll post some of their preparations on the blog after its finished!



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