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Jan 14, 2018

Friday, 12th January, 2018

First Friday - Assembly - Spirituality

What a fantastic day which started with First Friday - Hymns Old and New led by Miss McKean.  The old hymn was such a brilliant one for a new year - Lord of all Hopefulness!  It's good to use the new year as a focus for working towards a better future.  This beautiful hymn reminds us to have hope for God is with us through each day at the break, noon, eve and end!

The new hymn was Sing it in the Valleys and Miss McKean related how her dad used to sing it to her with slightly amended words!  He's a big Everton fan (how they need hope!) and he changed the words to include "Cahill came to save us and his scoring never stops!" 

Thanks to our amazing and expanding band - Emilia in Y9 made her debut on the guitar and was excellent!  In fact, the band almost outnumbered the singers, so come along next time and join in!

Assmbly was led by Mr Alderman and he told us of his favourite animated film "A Bug's Life".  He focused on the power of the community and, of course, God created us to be community and we are part of the Worldwide Body of Christ.  Individuals have power but when individuals join together, they can really achieve great things!   Here's a crucial scene from the movie (1 mins 41 secs)

And the scene which follows: (4 mins 17 secs)


That leads me onto what became my focus for the day.   I'm trying to put together a video which summarises our spirituality and how we engage with the world on more than just a superficial level.  It was lovely to take time to reflect on all that we do as a community and when the video is finished I'll be sure to share it.


Hope you have a great weekend!



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