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Jan 10, 2018

Tuesday, 9th January, 2018

When people get enthusiastic ....... the great graffiti mystery ..... revisiting an old story

Wow!  Isn't it great when people are enthusiastic!  It's like a virulent disease in that it spreads although only good stuff!  Today was one such day when a group of fabulous young people from 7 Rigby came to do some filming for an assembly they've got planned!  I was having a second day lull (being pretty tired after day 1) but they breezed in with ideas and eagerness and we had a grand time.  You'll be able to see the fruits of their labour next week - watch this space!


I've been massively impressed with the way our new building is being looked after by both the cleaners and the rest of the population.  You can imagine my disappointment when today, on the wall outside the Chapel, Mr Willis and I spotted some graffiti.  MNB3 had been written on in pencil!  We immediately asked passing students for a rubber but the group we asked must be impeccable at writing and drawing because not one of them had an eraser.   I went to my office to ge the only one I have - a rather magnificent beast as can be seen below!

Anyway, the offending graffiti was suitably erased when Mrs Foster passed by and said she thought it was something to do with the location of a Maths Noticeboard!  Oops!  I confess I then got a pencil and drew on Mr Alderman's wall!  Don't be grassing me up!

Later in the day, I got to thinking about 6tth From Assembly on the theme of "discovering potential and developing and sharing talents".  I immediately thought of the Parable of the Talents and went back to read it in Matthew's Gospel Chapter 25.  I know that some of the Bible is very much of its time but this particular story contains timeless truths!  It's about doing your best and that's something we really understand here at St. Julie's.



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