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Jan 9, 2018

Monday, 8th January, 2018

Welcome back - what an end

Welcome back - a breathless first day and wonderful one when it was good to see the school back together as it was on the final day of our Advent Term.

What a brilliant day that had been culminating in our first whole school get together for two years!  The Sports Hall filled up in the afternoon in anticipation of our Advent Service 2017 and it was amazing.

 Thansk to all who took part - dancers, narrators, readers, choir, musicians, singing leaders and techies!  Our Junior Choir started things off with Snowflakes whereupon they were joined by the Senior Choir in singing a most moving version of O Holy Night.  It was then wonderful to see the Dementia Piece devised earlier in the term and magnificently performed by Tayluer, Taylor, Jessica and Nancy.  That flowed into the Eurythmics song "There must be an angel playing with my heart" which explored the confusion and excitement, Mary - the mother of Jesus - must have felt that night the angel Gabriel told her she was pregnant.  Our larger group of dancers soared into the air and there are some amazing pictures on the school website.

Then it was back to the Senior Choir singing "Mary, did you know?" so soulfully and achingly.

That led us into the congregational part of the service and we raised the roof on the Christmas clapping Gloria with the First Friday Staff Band rocking it brilliantly!

 After a reflection, we brought forward our gifts for the Hope+ Foodbank and placed them around a sofa of welcome.  Amber, Oonagh and Megan invited us to pray before singing Mary's Boy Child - which had been one of the change of lesson bells that final week!  How I missed those angelic sounds today when we resumed the usual bells!

After Mr Alderman addressed the whole school, we launched into My Lighthouse which was a suitable end to the Advent Term.  

But now, we're back!  Sorry for the lack of blogging towards the end of term - a few factors got int he way but it's back now!

Today is also Elvis' birthday - he would have been 83 - so let me close this blog with one of my favourite clips of that wonderful singer and icon:


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