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Nov 22, 2017

Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017

Wed Ref - 7 Therese - Dementia Friends (8 Therese) - Christmas Trees!

Let's start with a little quiz!  What's the connection?

It's Leonardo!  (Leonardo Di Caprio starred in the film Titanic, Leonardo was a famous Brazilian footballer who won the World Cup in 1994, the sequence of numbers is named after Fibonacci - real name Leonardo Pisano, the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci whose self portrait is featured above too!

At Wednesday Reflection, we looked at the recently sold Salvator Mundi by Da Vinci.

Salvator Mundi means Saviour of the World.  It's beautiful - and it sold for $400 million!   We reflected on what we thought Jesus might have looked like and explored the challenge of recognising the spirit of Jesus in each of us.

I was a bit sad when I saw this photo of the sale room when it was sold:

See all those phones!  It seems like they've forgotten that an amazing piece of art is present and instead of enjoying and savouring the moment, they want to record it - presumably to look at later.

Now, this is not a rant about phones!  I love mine and what it can do, but there is a danger of being overly concerned to record something and witness it through a 12 cm screen rather than soak in all the atmosphere and bigger picture!   I need to guard against that because sometimes I want the photo-opportunity for this blog or Twitter @stjulieschap.   Maybe I should just revel in the moment!  

Pope Francis recently spoke about this telling the congregation he was disappointed that so many were taking photos during Mass instead of praying.  Even priests and bishops were snapping away instead of praying.

We ended Wednesday Reflection with the following prayer:


Lord, this day we pray

Let us be aware of your presence:

In this place,

In this time,

In the faces of the joyful,

The determined,

The sad and the troubled.


For you walk with us today

As you walked the roads of Judaea.


In the challenges of this day,

In the ordinariness of this day,

Let us seek you in our companions.  AMEN


Wow - that's a lot already!  Let me be brief now - 7 Therese were lovely in Sacred Time watching our Weekly Prayer Video. 

The lockdown drill seemed to go really well. I was with Year 7 and they were excellent.  I know we can't practise for every scenario but it was good to do this today.  

The Dementia Friends Information session went well thanks to 8 Therese.  They were great and we now have 63 people who have accepted the invitation to be Dementia Friends!


Had a great afternoon going round school looking at locations for Christmas trees and got a lovely response from 6th Formers!  Watch this space - the trees are a-coming!


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