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Nov 21, 2017

Tuesday, 21st November, 2017

Tempus fugit

Have you ever had one of those days when you get to the end of it and wonder where time has gone?  That was my day today and how glorious it was!

So many interactions and blessings!

7 Therese (encouraged by Mr Torpey) did a splendid assembly on Respect and Manners!  Well performed, clear speaking, sensible use of powerpoint which enhanced what was going on - a really nicely judged start to the day!

I asked 7 Maria for some volunteers today and was inundated - so generous of them.  More on this in days to come.

Emily and Millie-Jo prepared our Advent Wreath.  Y11 Graphics students were terrific.  Reham, Evie and Anna recorded a song.  Faye and Maggie ended the day with a brilliant and uplifting conversation about dementia.

It was just a brilliant day!


Today is also World Television Day and begs a few questions:


Television - a medium which informs, entertains and educates?

What is its purpose?

A force for good?

A medium used by global companies and government to brainwash the people?

What do you think?

If Jesus was born into this age, would he be using TV to spread his message?

TV - old medium/old news?

A 30 second video for World Television Day 2016