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Nov 21, 2017

Monday, 20th November, 2017

UCD - Graphics - stars

Today is Universal Children's Day!  We know Jesus warned his disciples that they had to become like little children.  Maybe it was their qualities he wanted to encourage like trust, innocence, looking for goodness, willingness to learn!

Here are some quotes about children!  (2 mins)  Do you have a favourite?  Maybe you come up with your own quote? 

 I popped into a super Year 7 class this morning to see their Advent Calendars.  Some of them were simply sensational mixing the secular and the sacred.  Well done to all and to Miss Skillen who inspired them in their efforts!


Some of our older children were involved in a Graphics assessment today which continues tomorrow.  I popped in a few times during the day and all seemed to be going well.  They were working on the theme of Street Food and there were some stunning pieces of work being devised and refined!  Well done to all involved including Mr Radburn.  Keep it up tomorrow!


I joined 7 Rigby for Sacred Time this morning and introduced them to the Chaplaincy website and the weekly prayer video.  They were very attentive so thanks for that!


There were plenty of stars during the day - Isobel (Y12) and  Natasha, Melissa and Ella (Y11), to name just a few!

You'll hear some of the Y11 voices on Wednesday in Sacred Time as they (along with Amy and Megan in Y7) are embracing the Nugent Christmas Hamper Campaign.

Here's a preview:



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