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Nov 17, 2017

Friday, 17th November, 2017

Sparkle and Shine - Pudsey - Photo

It's Children in Need Day and the good people of St. Julie's responded very positively!  Pudsey was in evidence.  Indeed, a number of Pudseys seemed to be around the place.  Thanks to all who participated by dressing up, pretending and donating!

At Sacred Time, I popped into two classes - 7 Maria and 7 Nugent and both were enjoying the Friday Sing sent round by Mr Quinn.  The song this time, by Katy Perry was Firework on the theme of Sparkle and Shine - a very appropriate theme tying in with this week's Mission Statement theme of discovering potential and developing and sharing talents!  I think the visits were best summed up in these three words:

enthusiasm, joy, laughter!

I'm sure St. Julie would approve of the fun that was had as we sang (and danced) together!  Pudsey even threw a few shapes!

I came across a photo today which relates back to Thursday's blog:

I wonder if you are struck by the same thought as I was - that nearly everyone's on their phone and seeing the event through a 10-12 cm screen!  It seems a bit sad to me.  I know it's good to get photos and I use my phone to capture images to tweet.  However, does it not sometimes limit our view of the world.  Focussing on that screen and getting the single shot could prevent us from enjoying the moment in all its fullness.   I was at a concert some weeks ago of my teenage band - Sparks.  Some of the audience were stood there, phone aloft videoing the event.  I wonder of they enjoyed it as much as those of us who were just living the moment - drinking in the sounds, sights and atmosphere!  Anyway, it's just a thought!  Maybe I'm just a big, old, grumpy Hector!   (Only a certain demographic reading this will get this!)   Maybe, I'm right!