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Nov 16, 2017

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

Too much of a good thing - 7 Maria - Ruby and Lucy - Recording

Mr Willis have embarked on a long project over the next few weeks to work our way through the Costa menu of Advent and Christmas themed beverages!  Last week it was Billionaire's Latte - which I found unbelievably rich and sweet.  After one mouthful, I thought that was it, I can't take anymore.  Today it was Salted Caramel Cappucino - another very sweet concoction!  You can have too much of a good thing!   That thought kind of reminded me that maybe  our celebrations of Christmas come a bit too early!  I think we may have to re-think our ambitious project!


Sacred Time this morning was spent with 7 Maria, led by Ruby and Lucy who took the theme of Anti-Bullying which was totally appropriate for Anti-Bullying Week.   They had put together a presentation but what I liked was the way they interacted and asked questions of their congregation!


At break,  Megan and Amy popped in to do some recording!  You'll hear their voices next week!


As I came in this morning, I heard on the radio that a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci had been bought for $400 million!  This is it:

  It's called Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World).  Now, I'm sure it's a beautiful painting but I ask you ........................?  I'll let you fill in the gaps there with your own question!


Later this year, a group of Y11 students are going to Rome and  will be seeing some of the great works of art!  Should those owned by the Catholic Church be kept or should they be sold?   Would selling them off in one go bring down the prices so much that it would not be worthwhile?  Should the Church use money raised to help towards the problems the poor and disavantaged face?         

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