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Nov 15, 2017

Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Alexa and Grace - DFI with 8 Nugent - Y7 Megan and Amy (visitors - We are Nugent) - Y11 including Sarah, Libby, Natasha and Leah - Amy and Isobel

What a day!!!!!!

Starting with leaves on the floor of the Chapel as Mr Alderman led Wednesday Reflection (on being thankful), it progressed to the prospect of a forest of Christmas trees brought about by a visit from two of the 1804 Society!


I spent Sacred Time with 7 Dorothy and Alexa, supported by Grace, started off with a quiz before leading into prayer.  Quizzes are great aren't they for engaging our interest and that's just what Alexa did!

7 Arrowsmith were very responsive and Sacred Time is obviously beautifully established with turns taken to lead as well as opportunities to use the resources on this website!  So well done to Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Middleman and all of 7 Dorothy!  

One of the high points of a stellar day was the Dementia Friends Information Session with 8 Nugent.  The issue of dementia is one which society needs to come to terms with. While it is not a natural part of ageing, still one in fourteen people over 65 live with some form of dementia.  Becoming Dementia Friendly is one initiative run by the Alzheimers Society which is aiming to help people support others with dementia to live well!   

8 Nugent were so attentive and they all accepted the challenge to be a Dementia Friend.  You might see them wearing their badges around school!  Do ask them about what it means.


 At break, Year 7 pupils, Megan and Amy came visiting to talk about Nugent (what used to be the Nugent Care Society or Catholic Social Services).  They want to do something to support the Christmas Hamper appeal and are coming back tomorrow to make a video - along with some of our Y11 stars!   

Wile I'm on the subject of Nugent - here's a photo of the priest after whom our Nugent Forms are named - Fr James Nugent (along with the plaque underneath it - which reflects the sexist nature of the times in which he lived.)  Remember too, that Fr Nugent was the man who invited the Sisters of Notre Dame to Liverpool in 1851!

There were loads of interactions with Year 11 today including Sarah, Libby, Natasha and Leah who had me hysterical with laughter and brought joy, joy, joy!


This afternoon, two of the 1804 Society came to see me - Amy and Isobel, two of the Celebration Co-ordinators who are really keen to do something special to celebrate!  They asked me what was next on the calendar and I replied that Advent was looming large.  This led onto discussion and actions at a rapid pace and before we knew it a plan was hatched for Christmas trees in each department and angels for each form to be decorated!  Mr Radburn somehow did an angel prototype and I think Advent is going to be very special indeed!   It just shows what can be done if people are motivated and focussed!  Well done, Amy and Isobel!





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