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Nov 9, 2017

Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

Lockdown maturity - general technological incompetence - homeless mission opportunity

It is perhaps a sad reflection on the modern world that we have to (quite rightly) now countenance the possibility of a terrorist attack.  Events this year in London and Manchester have brough home how easy it is for someone with misguided thoughts and determination can harm many people.  In order to practise for such a scenario, the whole school went through a lockdown drill - where everyone gets in as safe a position as possible as quickly and sensibly as possible.  

I joined Miss Douglas's form who were full of questions but also incredibly mature and sensible when the lockdown drill took place.  They moved quietly to take cover, drawing down the blinds, turning off lights and screens and locking the door.

It was textbook but when the door handle was rattled, I have to confess that my heart jumped and it really brought it home how being in such a situation would be terrifying.  But that's why we practise so that in the statistically very unlikely case that an attack happens, we're in a better position to deal with it.  Well done to everyone for working at it and thinking things through.

It was more recording again today and that was fun.  Some of the takes from yesterday hadn't recorded properly - not because of the new technology I was using but because I was a complete ninkumpoop - pressing the wrong buttons at various times.  Anyway, practice makes perfect and eventually I cracked it.

Had a lovely few minutes with the 1804 Society after school - they, under the mentorship of Mrs Gregg - are really exceptional individuals and a formidable team!

During the afternoon, Natasha and Anita from Redemptorist Youth Ministries came in to chat.  I was dead proud showing them round our new building, particularly because of the way some of our students responded to them.  One of the things their 18-40 group are going to do soon is a Homeless mission Evening where they go onto the streets of the city and offer a friendly word and some practical assistance with some of our sisters and brothers who have no home to go to.  If anyone (aged 18) is interested in this, pop along and see me and I'll put you in contact.  It's not a school organised event so you'll have to talk it over with your families as to how appropriate it might be for you.

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