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Nov 7, 2017

Tuesday, 7th November, 2017

13 Bridget - Heart as wide as the world

What an amazing Sacred Time with 13 Bridget and Mrs Whitfield.  On the theme of Remembrance (appropriately enough), Emily, Eve and Charlotte presented a beautifully researched invitation to prayer.  They chose a very appropriate video clip that made it all seem a bit more recent than we sometimes think of in relation to remembrance.

Remembrance remained a theme of the day and will no doubt dominate the week as I started recording some voices for opur service on Friday!  Wonder if you'll recognise them!

Natasha - who won the "Heart as Wide as the World" award back in April - is on the case again.  This time, she's taking on the Nugent appeal for Christmas hampers!  Her compassion appears limitless and being with someone like that inspires you to great things, so thanks, Natasha! 

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