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Nov 3, 2017

Wednesday, 1st November, 2017

All Saints - Wed Ref - Mrs Mannings (thankful) - Rome
Today is the feast of All Saints when we remember both the official saints of the Church (including, of course, St. Julie) and those who we know to be saintly in our own lives.  We all have saints around us and maybe we're all saints, too, when we choose to do good things - treating others as we'd like to be treated.  I reckon most of us, most of the time, are saints - it's just every now and again that we mess things up and are maybe a bit selfish.  
So, do have a think about and give thanks for those saints in your own lives - perhaps a relative who always puts others first or a friend who always seems to find the right word of encouragement or comfort.

Wednesday Reflection was led by Mrs Mannings and she spoke movingly about being thankful for all that we have.  She shared some thoughts on her friend and what she said was a blessing to all of us.  Here's the video clip she used (3 mins 5 secs):

A great lesson!

At lunchtime, we had another meeting about Rome and things are moving well.  We ordered a couple of maps so we can plot the most efficient route round the various places of interest!  I've got a feeling we're all going to get quite tired so sensible shoes/trainers will be the order of the day!

This evening I'm playing at a mass for the local pastoral area named after one of our House Saints - Therese of Lisieux.  It's at Liverpool Hope and that kind of sums up what saints do for us.  They give us hope that good lives can be lived, that change for the better can come and that goodness will overcome evil!