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Oct 31, 2017

Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

Yesterday - Bake Off (£127) - Assembly (7 Nugent) - Ellie and Olivia 



Hello there - sorry I wasn't in yesterday but I was in Ormskirk on a course about becoming a Dementia Friends Champion!  It was brilliant - really inspirational.  I won't reveal too much just yet as there'll be a rollout of sessions (during PSHE) about how we can all become more dementia friendly.  Not so long ago, it was accepted that people made jokes about dementia but I think we're all a bit more aware of the distress and suffering that dementia can cause.  However, people living with dementia can live well and we can all make a difference in some way - by being patient, by smiling, by caring.  Anyway, more information to follow on that!

Yesterday evening was spent in the kitchen baking for the Halloween Bake Off organised by Emilia, Jessica and Erin of 8 Nugent.  They were keen to raise money for Cancer Research UK and organised this Bake Off themselves with their own promotional video and posters!  Here are just a few of the cakes produced.  (From the left, clockwise, they were created by Gaby Dodd Y8, Ava Duffy Y7, myself, Mrs O'Brien!)

Other contributions came from Mrs Hardiman, Grace, Izobel, Lucia, Emily, Cailin, Daisy, Holly and Ruby!

In the end, £127 was raised - a great effort and big thanks to all who contibuted in whatever way!

Today saw the assembly debut of 7 Nugent on the theme of ...... Halloween.  They told us the history of it through the centuries and emphasised its holy beginnings as All Hallows Eve (the night before tomorrow's Feast of All Saints!   That's a day we especially remember those who have been so at one with God that they can be assumed to be in heaven!  More of that tomorrow!   Assembly closed with a prayer of safety for all involved in trick or treating tonight!  
Everyone in the form participated which was marvellous to see! Some went the extra mile and learned their words off by heart which enabled them to deliver them more effectively!

Then it was a day of conversation and catching up.  Big respect to the USA Trip people who came in despite only arriving home late last night!  Special thanks to Olivia and Morgan (Y12) and Ellie and Olivia (Y11) for fantastic chat where they told me of the amazing things they do and are going to do!

Anyway, that's enough for now - be safe if you go out tonight "trick or treat-ing".
Here's a little reminder of what Halloween is about!