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Oct 18, 2017

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017

Wed Ref - Sacred Time Peace - Foodbank
Wednesday Reflection was led by Mrs McCourt and she shared the story of a remarkable young woman - Michaela Deprince - aged 22!
 Here's a video that echoes that story - 3 mins 59 secs.

Pretty amazing, hey!  
At Sacred Time this morning, I joined 8 Rigby and was transported by a wonderful event led by Ella, Rachel, Hannah and Olivia!  They tied the Words of the Week from St. Julie to World Mental Health Day last week then gave us the opportuntity to reflect on what brings us inner peace.  It really was lovely to stop and just drift with the instrumental music they played before giving thanks (on a postit note) for the things that bring us peace.  Mine was playing the guitar - no surprise there, I'm sure.
Donations for the Hope+ Foodbank continue to come in and big thanks today to Chloe in Y7 and her family.
I'm off to the Archbishop's house tonight to be commissioned!  It'll be nice meeting up with the other chaplains around the archdiocese. Will maybe report back on that tomorrow!

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