St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy

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Oct 17, 2017

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

Visitor - A medal - Y11 Rome - Y10 RE
It's really nice to show visitors round our new building and today, Mr Whitlow, who is shortly to become Chaplain at St. Gregory's High School in Warrington, popped in to have a chat.  He was really impressed by the building but much more impressed by the people in it!  He said it just felt good and special so thanks to everyone who met him and made him feel so welcome - living out our Mission Statement strand about making St. Julie's a place of friendship and welcome.

At break, Daisy from 7 Nugent stopped me on the yard to show me a medal she had been given by Fr Shaun at Christ the King.   It was of St. Julie.  Here it is:

Although it says Julia, we can tell it's St. Julie because the image is of the iconic statue shape we have in various places around school.
What's most interesting though is that the medal is inscribed (in Latin):
"Beata Julia ora pro nobis" which means "Blessed Julie, pray for us!"

This helps us date the medal to sometime before 1969 because on 22nd June, 1969, Julie Billiart became St. Julie.   Before that she had only been beatified - one of the steps towards official sainthood.   Beatified people are given the title 'Blessed' or in Latin 'Beata'!    
Furthermore, Julie was beatified on 13th May, 1906 so we can be sure the medal dates from between 1906 and 1969!   How about that for a good bit of detective work!

After break, Tegan came and had a chat and was inspirational in her approach to life and helping others.  The world is in safe hands!  Part of Tegan's inspiration came from working with NCS (National Citizen Service) and if you get a chance to be involved, do take it.  Here's a link to what they do.  She'd also been moved by an encounter with some homeless people on the streets of Liverpool and she is making a difference and living out our Mission Statement Strand to show fairness, care and compassion!

At lunchtime, we had a planning meeting for the Rome 2018 trip - where we will visit St. Peter's - the place of beatification and canonisation and Aneri, Kate and Speranza came with ideas and with feedback.  What a great trip it should be!

Another highlight of a quite brilliant day was leading a lesson on Music and Worship with Miss Hyland's Y10 group.  They were superb - very perceptive and attentive - and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to share soem thoughts with them!