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Oct 10, 2017

Tuesday, 10th October, 2017

Bake Off - World Mental Health Day - filming

The morning got off to a great start when Emilia and Jess in Y8 came to talk about an idea they've had!   Watch this space for more details of their Halloween Bake Off!


Today is World Mental Health Day and here's the prayer we used during last year's Mental Health Awareness Week (75 secs)

You can find out more at the Mental Health Awareness section of this website.


I had a lot of visitors today and they were all most welcome!  Thanks to all who chatted!


There was also a bit of filming going on today which was fun, especially with Mr Willis' Y11 RE class.  They really are a great bunch!   On the subject of filming, I must apologise to Miss Hyland's Y7 RE Class who I filmed yesterday because I messed it up and ended up not recording them at all!  Hey, ho!  I'll try to catch up with them tomorrow and capture the enthusiasm they brought to the first non-filming!






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