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Oct 10, 2017

Monday, 9th October, 2017

Assembly - Rome - Riding for the disabled - 12 Faith

Welcome back after the weekend.  I hope it was a good one for you!

Assembly with Y11 was great.  Mr Alderman was talking about success and how to achieve it!

He mentioned Thomas Edison who is most famous for inventing the electric light bulb which has had a most profound effect on the world.   Here's a mini-biography (2 mins 39 secs)

Mr Alderman also shared some of Edison's sayings some of which you can find here:

So hang on in there Y11!


At the end of Y11, 34 students are heading off to Rome on what should be a very exciting trip!  The trip came about because of the enthusiasm of three students (Speranza, Kate and Aneri) when they were in Y10 and this trio is helping with the planning.  We had our first planning meeting of this year at lunch and started to fine tune details of the itinerary.  We'll have a meeting about it next week so watch out for news of that.

 In the afternoon, I had a really blessed conversation with a super student who, it turns out, has been involved with riding for the disabled.  This is a really great way of serving the good God well by serving others.  I know this because the high point of my sister Deb's week is her time on the horse!  As it happens, Chloe knew Deb's favourite horse, Queenie!

   Big shout-out today to 12 Faith (Mr Wilcock's Form) for their very kind donation to the Hope+ Foodbank!