St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy

Thoughts from the Chaplain

Oct 8, 2017

Friday, 6th October, 2017

Open Evening heroes - the future is bright!

What a brilliant Open Evening!  It was a privilege to meet so many families and to share our new school building with them.

My word, how good were our guides!  One Y11 pupil, Rhyanne, in particular was superb!  She brought a number of poeple into the Chapel and explained the heritage features and was just so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.   She must have a career in communication ahead of her - either in teaching, TV presenting or tour guiding!  Just magnificent!


Today, was grsat, too.  Another wonderful opportunity was thrown my way as I was asked to work with the trainee teachers from Liverpool Hope University and talk with them about Sacred Time.  We started the session reflecting on the teachers who had influenced us and there was some really profound sharing.  One of them said that the teacher who influenced her to consider teaching was none other than our own Mr Costello!  How we miss him!

The trainees were fantastic and the future of Catholic education is safe in their hands!

Have a great weekend!   Here's the Friday song we walked out to tonight: