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Oct 6, 2017

Thursday, 5th October, 2017

World Teachers Day

Happy World Teachers Day to all our teachers!  I hope you had the chance to say thank you or well done to someone today.

I gave thanks for my teachers who I remember from so many years ago!

Mr Summers - from Christ the King, just down the road - who was my Y6 teacher.  He was brilliant and just made all of his class (and there were 45 of us) feel like they were valued and important.

Mr Tufnell - the Technology teacher who put on school plays - and who was so giving of his time. He also ran the rugby team and the cricket team.  How he managed to do all of that, I'll never know! (I heard a few years ago that he was recognised with an MBE and he is richly deserving of that.)

Mr White - who loved Geography and managed to transfer that love of learning to his pupils, even though every lesson he just wrote notes on the blackboard which we had to copy.  In any inspection now, he would fail but his methods worked for his classes!

Mr Irving - who was the rugby coach of the 1st XV at St Edwards.  He didn't teach me but all of the rugby lads looked up to  him.  He was like a real superhero!  

One day I ended up on the same 81 bus as Mr Irving and we both got off at the same stop.  He was going to visit his mum who lived in Childwall. Anyway, he chatted with me and it never left me that this very important figure bothered to just be normal. 

I ended up working with him as a teacher and he was quite the most brilliant man.  When he was Headteacher, he spotted trends and guided the school superbly.  He was also very disruptive.  He was hilarious and would visit your class who would be quite settled and doing some activity.  Mr Irving would come in, crack a few jokes, insult a few people (one of his favourite lines was "Is that your face or are you minding it for someone?"), cause total mayhem as the class dissolved into laughter and then he'd go!   I once remember him telling off a boy, impressing upon the miscreant that if he carried on the way he was going he wouldn't "get a job in ________________ (insert a well known fast food chain here) - not even as  a beefburger!"

 What the above and so many others did though was instil in me the joy of learning and being part of a community!

So, even if you didn't do it today, why not take the opportunity to say thanks to a teacher!

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