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Oct 3, 2017

Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017

Conference - Dementia - cross at school

The ND Schools Conference continued today.  I forgot to mention that the keynote speaker yesterday was our own Sr Margaret who was absolutely superb reflecting on the theme "The best is still to come!"  

Yesterday was a day of reflection and today we zoomed into planning.  I mentioned yesterday about another national gathering of the ND schools.  There were also talks about exchanges so keep your eyes and ears open for them as they will be great opportunities to meet up with other students in very different schools and neighbourhoods.

After lunch, it was a quick dash to school before heading off for a meeting about becoming a Dementia Friendly School.  You'll hear more about this after 30th October, when I've attended a training course!   Many, many people in school are affected by dementia - with relatives living with it and other relatives providing care for this most difficult of conditions.  I'm sure St. Julie would want us to reach out and support them.

Here's a short song by Sparks - which is well worth a listen (1 min 11 secs).  Can you work what it's about?  Place youself in the position of the singer and experience the frustration, courage and confusion.


As I came into school, I noticed the super ND crosses on both sides of the new building!   Love them!