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Sep 26, 2017

Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

European Day of Languages - Foodbank - Y10

Today was European Day of Languages and it was a splendid day indeed!  Lots of people participated and it was fun!   Here's my little contribution to the day - the prayer St. Julie would have said every day of her life, in her mother tongue, French!


Some wonderful people contributed food to the Hope+ foodbank - Leah and Cara among them - and I know others are taking on board the awful news we had that last week that the Hope+ foodbank had to turn people away through lack of supplies.  So do keep bringing things in and ask your families to bear it in mind when shopping.  Just one extra packet of pasta or tomatoes can make a difference.

In the afternoon, I had the chance to do a couple of lessons with Y10 RE classes.  They've been studying how music is used in Catholic worship and the RE Department bravely trusted me to share some thoughts on this!  Well, the students were great - thanks to all of them as we looked at Plainchant, Traditional Hymns and Contemporary Worship Music.

There were some great responses and big shout outs to Phoebe, Fay, Holly, Liv and Emily!

I suppose it goes without saying that the Contemporary Worship Hymn we looked at was My Lighthouse!  It really is fantastic but so also is plainchant.  When it is used at the right time it can be of such service to those who worship.  Although the words (usually in Latin) may not speak to us, there is something in the reverence which is so much part of plainchant that draws people closer in their relationship with God.  I really love many traditional hymns and our First Friday - Hymns Old and New sessions are a re-discovery of some of them.  

Here's a traditional hymn sung at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony by Emilie Sande.