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Sep 25, 2017

Thursday, 21st September, 2017

A day of note!
Today is World Peace Day - and one wonders how peaceful our world is, or can be, as World Leaders direct inflammatory remarks at each other.

The latest example is when the US President spoke at the United Nations - an organisation set up in the aftermath of World War 2 to establish and maintain peace.  This is one news report on what he said this week:

You can make your own mind up about whether this is likely to make the world safer or less safe!  Maybe the following is a more challenging video:
Can you do all those things?  What a world it would be if we did!
It's also World Alzheimer's Day and if you go to the calendar on this website, you can access some resources including the best explanation of dementia I've ever heard.
Today also mark Islamic New Year - so new year greetings to all!  May the coming year be one of blessings.