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Jul 14, 2017

Wednesday, 12th July, 2017

Happy Birthday to St. Julie

Today it was St. Julie's birthday!  266 years ago today she was born in Cuvilly in France and like every newborn baby there was no way of knowing what would happen in her life.  Not even in her own wildest dreams at various stages of life could Julie have anticipated that in a school, in another country and in another millenium, people would be singing Happy Birthday to her!  But that's what we did!

And every birthday for every person is worth celebrating.  When we lose someone close to us, the first birthday we spend without them physically is one of the hardest days.  So let's be thankful for each other and for every precious moment.

There's a very complex news story at the moment about Charlie Gard, a young boy whose doctors feel is suffering so much that they are of the opinion that turning off his life support machine would be the lesser of two evils.

Charlie's mum and dad think otherwise and are seeking treatment in the US for Charlie.  There have been a number of court cases and judgements and for sure, this is not an easy situation.  Let's just pray that the right decision is eventually reached.


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