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Jul 11, 2017

Monday, 10th July, 2017

Day out

I wasn't in school today as it was my daughter's Graduation Ceremony.

It was a great day and wonderful event and, although I wasn't in St. Julie's, I did think of all the students and how, for many, graduation from university is a very distinct target.  Let me re-assure you that it's do-able and that you will make your families really proud.  Don't go just because of that.  Go to university if you really have an enthusiasm for something and you want to learn more about it.  

Watching Katie graduate in mortar board, hood, and gown caused me to cast my mind back to when she started nursery all those years ago - when she couldn't read or write.  I mean she knew her letters because we'd been keen to encourage her to learn them but other than that - education was all a great adventure ahead of her.  Since then, what a difference!  I'm grateful for all the teachers who helped her on the way and there were many.  Some she absolutely adored, others she found a challenge.

In September, she goes to Newcastle to work on a Masters Degree in Research with a longheld dream to go into medical research and, in particular, cancer research.  

But, of course, it all happens so quickly!  So hang on in there and take every opportunity to learn. If you get tempted totake it easy with one particular lesson, don't.  Keep doing your best.  The world needs you to be the best you can be so you can make a difference so that all can live life in all its fullness!  As St. Julie says this week:

"Let us do our best and ask God to do the rest!"


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