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Nov 20, 2014

Thursday, 20th November - shoeboxes and candles

Where we are up to with shoeboxes and our lunchtime session in The Chapel.

Well, first of all, thanks to Miss Naylor's Form for letting me join them this morning for Sacred Time when we watched our weekly topical Prayer Video.  I still find it hard to deal with the solemnity and dignity of the Remembrance ceremonies across the country with the release of the latest Call of Duty military video game.  Are we sending mixed messages about war?

Today's been another splendid day of shoeboxes appearing!  Special mention to the Shipways for theirs this morning, to Ema -who brought in 3 - and to Mrs Gee's Form who sent 6 down today!  We are now up to 51 shoeboxes!  Can we make it to the 100 mark!  Well done to all involved.

In The Chapel at lunchtime, we had a candle meditation (don't they get on your wick!) and the eighteen pupils who attended were absolutely fabulous.  We've had meditations the last two Thursdays so let's make it a weekly event.  All are welcome!  

I had a great time this morning practising with Mr Quinn and Mr Pearson for our Advent Service which is coming up soon.  The song we were going through is Come glorify the King and you can see it in the Hymns and Lyrics section of this website.  

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