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Nov 19, 2014

A great Form Assembly and shoeboxes update ....

Congratulations to 10 Maria and how many shoeboxes have we got!

Hi there, I wanted to say a big thanks and congratulations to 10 Maria (and their inspirational leader - Mrs Cobourne) for the Form Assembly they delivered to Y10 this morning!  It really was great.  They took the theme of the Good Samaritan and weaved in a modern day story about a bus driver.   They then encouraged the congregation to be Good Samaritans by supporting our local foodbank Hope+.  But they have already put their own words into action.  Here's a photo of all the stuff they've brought in over the last two weeks!  

So well done to all of you with special mentions to Charley who narrated the video that was used and to Bethany who wrote and lead a heartfelt prayer!

UPDATE ON SHOEBOXES - we're now up to 37 so keep them coming in.  Special mention for Miss Gawley and her crew who have sent down 14 boxes of delights already! 





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