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Dec 19, 2014

Friday, 19th December, 2014

Last day - see you next year!

The day started with a bacon buttie and chat with Mr Willis and what better way can there be to start a day?  It got even better as I did my regular wander round the dining halls!  Bethany, Rebekah and Aimee had brought in some amazing gingerbread shapes and I am eating one of them as I write this!  Thanks, girls - you should be in the Great British Bake-off!  I had some lovely chats with many special people today so thanks to Ellie, Katie, Lois, Katie, Olivia, Adele, Emma and many others!  Caitlin (Y7) and Zoe (Y11) - thank you so much for the kind gifts!  Happy birthday to Macey (for next week) who announced that she was never in school on her birthday so nobody in school ever sing 'Happy Birthday' to her.  We soon put that right!   

To say the day went past in a blur is an understatement!  Anyway, the party with 9 Maria was superb - the awards given to each member of the class were well received and Miss Beck has done a great job with this class building an esprit de corps that would be hard to beat!  The musical extravaganza in the playground was unforgettable so thanks to Mr Quinn and Mr Pearson for putting it all together AND for avoiding frostbite in the biting wind!

But my high point of the day was being asked to go into Mrs McCourt's PE class.  I was only walking past the gym but got invited in and we sang "I'm a believer" and I think that's appropriate at this time of year because I'm a firm believer in the capacity of Christmas to bring out the best in all of God's people.  I see the magic in children's eyes.  I see the efforts adults make to make things special for children.  I see goodness amidst all the difficulties and suffering.  If we can do it for even a few hours at Christmas, surely we can do it anytime and make the world a better place. 

Why not consider giving yourself time to imagine you are at that stable - with that mother and child; with all the feelings of love and hope that come with the birth of a new born baby.  Feel the feeling; remember it; be inspired by it!

Have a great Christmas, girls. Be kind to your families, to each other and to yourselves!  Above all, believe you can make a difference!  

A little footnote - as I drove out of St. Julie's at 2:30 this afternoon, there was the most wonderful rainbow and I was reminded of our assembly on the first day of term when Bridie sang "Somewhere over the rainbow".  How great to start and end this Advent Term with a rainbow - one of the most beautiful of nature's delights!

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