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Dec 18, 2014

Thursday, 18th December, 2014

Weird and wonderful .....

After a quite wonderful start singing Slade in the corridor with Beth, today was a bit strange!  It seemed like the JARDIS (Julie's Astrophysical Relative Dimension in Space) had been activated because I kept bumping into characters from history - silent movie mime artists (from the early 20th century), hippies (from the 60s), medieval princesses and catsuit clad disco dancers (the 70s).  I was also alarmed by various gory zombies - two of whom seemed determined to scare the living daylights out of me - who went on to reincarnate themselves as Power Rangers!  Eventually, it dawned on me that this was a fancy dress day when 6th Formers took every opportunity to be someone else.  

I suppose we all do that to a certain extent - pretend to be someone who we're not - in order to please someone else or to project a particular aspect of ourselves that we want others to see.  Although we don't wear physical masks,  I guess we all wear masks at different times: sometimes the mask of being able to cope, the mask of being happy, the mask of 'not being bothered'.  It's funny how often you hear those words because invariably the person saying them shows by their tone of voice and body language that they are very much bothered.  And while it's good to put on a brave face, it's also OK to say "I'm really struggling today".  And for many over Christmas, masks will be worn.  Maybe we should pray for God to help us see through the masks and give us the words, opportunities and courage to reach out to those who are struggling.

At lunchtime, we had our final meditation in The Chapel - imagining we were there in that stable in Bethlehem.   

Earlier there had been another guitarist drop in - Mia - who played superbly and it was mesmerising watching her fingers dance around the fretboard.  After Maya yesterday, it seems like there's no stopping Y10 on the guitar!  I hope any musos out there take the chance over Christmas to give themselves some time and space to maybe write something that's in their heart and bring it to life in song.

The quote of the day was by the ever eloquent Mr Willis who, having announced the winners of the Fancy Dress competition, then declared that "The real winner today was fancy dress!" 

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