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Dec 18, 2014

Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Today, I went to the Everyman Panto - Little Red Riding Hood!  "Oh, no you didn't!"  I hear you say, but I did!  I went with my wife and three children - Katie (18), Tom (16) and Joey (13) - and we had a quite marvellous time!  "Oh, no you didn't!" - now don't start that again!

Going to the panto has become part of our Christmas tradition and it was especially good to go the Everyman Theatre which earlier this year won an award (The RIBA Stirling Award) for the way in which it has been re-built.  That got me thinking about our school and how, if all goes well with planning permission, we are re-building.  Mr Alderman shared the plans with Y10 in assembly today and it was exciting to see the reaction of some of the pupils.  It also says much about St. Julie's as a community that this is something that is being done with, as well as for, the pupils!  So, if you have any questions or suggestions, do seek out Mr Alderman.

Anyway, back to the panto - as ever, it was a story involving the battle between good and evil with goodness eventually triumphing!  It's so very like the Christmas and Easter stories - with an unlikely hero (a baby born homeless who becomes a refugee) triumphing over the prince of darkness!  Every day, we are part of that battle and it's easy to despair but we need to stand firm and have faith especially when we see things like the Pakistan school atrocity.  As we light the final candle on the Advent Wreath on Christmas Day, we should remember that only one little flickering flame dispels the darkness.  So if you get the chance to be a bringer of light today - take that chance, whether it's by a word, a smile or an action.  Let's fan the flame into a conflagration that warms and illuminates our hearts and minds.

I experienced great goodness today at lunchtime in Chapel Club.  Although we were few in number, some of the prayers said and the concern shown for others was inspiring!  So thanks, Y8 and Y7 for being there!  

The Modern Foreign Languages Christmas Market was another bringer of light and it was fantastic to see so many good people coming together and making a difference, raising upwards of £700!  

Thanks, too, to the good people who dropped in to my office today - one of whom played the guitar and Maya, it was great to hear you play - you definitely have the gift.

So, as we move towards Christmas and you wonder where Jesus is - "he's behind you" - always with you.  (You can check it out in Matthew 28:20)


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