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Dec 17, 2014

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014

Pakistan, Advent and lunch!

As I reflect on this last Tuesday of term, it's impossible not to be influenced by the awful news of the murder of 132 schoolchildren in Pakistan.  As we gathered for registration this morning, those children were in their classrooms only to be attacked and slaughtered by misguided men who think they are doing the work of their god.  We need to pray not for revenge but for changes of heart among those who think education is wrong and we must value the chances that education gives us.

I spent much of today organising our Staff Advent Service and enjoyed going round cajoling,bribing and begging members of staff to do readings at the service.  In the end, all was well but I must apologise to those staff who I sent into a bit of a panic by asking them to stand up in The Chapel and read.  Seriously though, that is something quite daunting standing there in front of colleagues.  I always feel nervous! 

Anyway, there were enough volunteers from across all the staff - not just teachers - and I felt moved as we wrote our 'hopes and fears' on strips of cloth and laid them in a manger.  (My dad made the manger by the way - just rang him up on Monday and the job was done by Tuesday morning!  Not bad for a 90 year old - my dad, not me!)  

However, brilliant and moving though our staff service was, my high point of the day was at lunchtime.  I'd neglected to do myself a buttie this morning so decided to go to the canteen where there was a turkey dinner on the menu and I thought I'd treat myself.  It was really good too!  But the best thing was that after I sat down at an empty table, a group of Year 9 pupils popped over to chat and they were great.  We chatted about Christmas and presents and other stuff and it was just great 'being'.  So thanks, girls!  Don't forget to stop me on the corridor and test me on your names!

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