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Dec 13, 2014

Friday, 12th December, 2014

SongFest Madness and Friday Fun!

As promised, a couple of photos from yesterday:

Today's big excitement revolved around the Modern Foreign Languages Department Y7 SongFest which I'd agreed to judge along with Mrs Hayden and Mr Brooks!  I clearly hadn't thought this through because if ever there was a role which will guarantee one hundred and fifty pupils and five staff to be disappointed/aggrieved/angry with you, then judge to this event is clearly one of them!  As it turned out it was fantastic to see all pupils sing in the language they're studying.  They did so with enthusiasm and some of the costumes and staging were 'Busby Berkely' in scale. (If you're not sure what that means, you'd better look it up!)  Rarely has an hour and a half gone so quickly (or so noisily) and surely some of these spectators need to be on The Kop or at the Gladwys St. end to cheer our city's footballers to victory more often!  Congratulations to the eventual winners - 7 Rigby, who were pushed very hard by 7 Therese.

The Chapel was out of action because our Y11 pupils have started exams - and good luck to them, of course and to the teachers marking the scripts at this very busy time of the year.  As a result, getting into my office is a bit like going on a rather fiendish obstacle course as various guitars, amps, mixers, mike stands, music stands, tables, candles and candle stands clutter it up.  This didn't prevent plenty of vistors today and it was great to see all of them!  One deputation came from 9 Maria who invited me to a special event next week - I'm intrigued!   I had great chats too with Mr Willis, Mr Cooban and Miss Doran among others and I'm grateful to be working with such wonderful individuals!

However, my hero of the day is the lovely Mrs Locke who answered a plea for help with the Friday singout since my voice had gone walkabout after a couple of days of very hearty singing!  She and I sang the girls out in wintry conditions and we were glad to be joined at various stages by Emma and Charlotte (Y12), a raucous bunch of Y8s who were amazing in their enthusiasm (plenty of liberty of spirit there!) and a very melodious Mr Alderman who even added harmonies to the Christmas Gloria!

It's been a lovely week which started with the rosary on the feast of the Immaculate Conception and which ended with that Friday singout! The highpoint - seeing our pupils being the hands of Jesus in reaching out to others with their generous foodbank and toy donations.  They certainly did serve the good God well!