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Dec 10, 2014

Wednesday, 10th December, 2014

The day before ..... tomorrow!

A day of getting ready for Purple Thursday - a day of moving stuff - a day of rehearsing - a day of thinking "What haven't I thought of?" - a day of lots of activity - a day when the caretakers, the ever cheerful Messrs Brooks, the talented and 'wiry' Mr Harvey and Mr 'Can turn his hand to anything' Pearson just got on with stuff that needed doing!  Big thanks and I think our Sports Hall has been transformed into a place of worship fit to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace!  Members of Overload and mini-Overload were fantastic and adapted to the changing availability of space.  Our trusty musicians were just that - trusty - and Ellie and Elizabeth took on some intricate technical challenges!  Our 6th form readers took away their readings to prepare and Mr Alderman rehearsed something mindblowing!  All will be revealed tomorrow.

The day started though with a delightful Wednesday Reflection, led by Miss Doran!  It was a beautiful wending of thoughts and musings and Miss Doran gave us a great testimony as to how science and faith can go hand in hand.  That's really important because many people think they are mutually exclusive.

At Y7 assembly we sang carols as pupils came in and maybe we should make this a weekly tradition so we can learn some new hymns and just enjoy the pleasure that comes from singing together.  That notion of singing together is not so deep-rooted in our culture as it once was, when people at a party would gather round a piano for a good singsong.  Gareth Malone has done his bit to promote choral singing but still the X-factor dominates with its individual 'diva' or manufactured boy/girl band approach to singing.  Certainly, the advent of readily available backing tracks and karoake has promoted people trying to sing like the 'stars' and I wonder if, in our desire to sound like someone else, we've become more self-conscious about our own voices which are God-given gifts to be used and enjoyed!  Anyway, enough of this - there's a big day tomorrow to look forward to!