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Dec 9, 2014

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

Purple Thursday is on the way!

A busy old day indeed as we get ready for Purple Thursday - when we, at St. Julie's, really mark Advent and Christmas with our own Advent Service followed by the Y7 trip to the Cathedral for the Archdiocesan Schools Advent Service!  I've got a feeling our Purple Thursday will be a whole lot more fun than Black Friday!

Anyway, thanks to all who are preparing - too many to mention all by name but here are just a few:  Mr Radburn for his Time Machine; Miss Bell for her switch painting; Mr Harvey for his wire bending; Mr Costello for his encouragement; our wonderful caretakers for the fetching and carrying; our ICT geniuses for too many things to mention; Ellie for offering to help; Miss Bricknell and Miss Hayden for their organisation; all the creative arts faculty - staff and pupils who have put so much into it all!  Let's have a great celebration on Thursday!