St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy

Thoughts from the Chaplain

Dec 4, 2014

Thursday, 4th December, 2014

Great Sacred Time with 8M, meditation and what a choir!

Well, the day started with the addition of Mary and Joseph to our Nativity Scene.   I wonder who you think will be next!

I had the most pleasurable start to the day with Mr Andrew's Form 8M.  Their Sacred Time was really special with prayers prepared in advance led by some of the girls and one impromptu, heartfelt prayer was made for a relative.  Sacred Time closed with a hearty rendition of "Our God is a great big God" with all the Form joining in with the two leaders and 'groovy movers'!

 It was great to see so many pupils attending meditation at lunchtime today - we had 35 pupils present.  Although this was a new experience for many, most settled really well and seemed to enjoy the chance to be quiet, breathe deeply, relax and reflect on someone they loved. 

Straight after that there was a music rehearsal with Mr Quinn who is giving so much time and energy so as to make sure our Advent/Christmas celebrations go effectively. 

A few pupils today were troubled and they are in my prayers.  Things get harder as we get more tired and we have been in school for nearly 12 weeks now!  Things can also get out of perspective and it's easier to run out of impatience!  So, let's try to be more understanding of each other over the next few weeks. 

Carol singing is continuing this evening at home time!  It's one of my favourites "Away in a manger" so feel free to join in as you walk past and remember times gone by when you've sung it!  Maybe you sang it at your Primary School - dressed in a pillow case with a tea towel round your head!  Or maybe you were a wise man or an angel!  Whatever you were, look back and give thanks for those times.

 As I was coming in from the yard, guitar slung over my shoulder, I dropped in to the choir who were rehearsing O Holy Night under the direction of Mrs Newton and how fantastic it was to hear the harmonies layering up then fitting together.  I was transported when they sang to a faraway place and time!  Thanks, girls,  Miss and Sir on the piano!