Thought for the Day – Tuesday, 24.03.20

Hello, hope yesterday went well for you wherever you were!

Tuesday, 24.03.20 is the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop (now St) Oscar Romero!

Here’s a 4 minute mini-biography of an extraordinary human being.

Here’s a beautiful prayer composed by Jack Tunnecliffe/CAFOD:

Lord Jesus,
We give thanks for the life of
Saint Oscar Romero
who spread your message
and struggled against injustice in El Salvador.

Like you,
he was a shepherd, a pastor, a brother;
Like you, he was taken from us;
Like you, he remains in our hearts.

Spirit of hope, work within us,
just as you worked
in Saint Oscar Romero,
so that we too may work for justice
and spread the Good News,
by living out the Gospel,
in solidarity with those living in poverty.


Jack Tunnecliffe/CAFOD