The Sunday Gospel for 15th March, 2020

On the 3rd Sunday of Lent (Year A) we have a very long reading about Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman!

This is multi-layered story but perhaps one element of note is that Jesus ends up being welcomed by Samaritans – with whom Jews had an uneasy relationship! Maybe this suggests that Jesus has come for everyone – not just the chosen few. In modern terms, Jesus is there not just for those who go to church but all who are seeking to live good lives! Could it be that Jesus is there for you, just longing for you to call out to him?

Loving God,

we give thanks that you come for all.

Shower us with the water of life to help us live refreshing and good lives.

Help us to see you in the people and situations we encounter.

We ask this in your Holy Name. AMEN