Words of St. Julie – week beginning 9th March, 2020

It’s re-assuring to see how St. Julie – an extraordinary human being – still felt the need for others to pray for her to help her keep focused on doing God’s will. This suggests that even she was distracted or drifted away from God.

A few years ago, there was a wristband available with the letter WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? It was meant to focus the mind of the wearer on how maybe to respond to a situation. Perhaps this week, we can follow the example of our sister school ND Southwark in using the letters WWSJD to help keep ourselves focused on how to deal with the challenges we face this week.

WWSJD? I’ll let you work out what that might mean!

Loving God,

we thank you for the timeless words of St. Julie.

Help us this week to focus on following you step by step.

We ask this in your Holy Name. AMEN