The Sunday Gospel for 1st March, 2020

On this first Sunday of Lent (Year A) we hear how Jesus is tempted! I particularly love the understatement where it says Jesus had nothing to eat for 40 days and was ‘hungry’.

So, Jesus was tempted three times and he resisted. Interestingly, he quoted passages from the Bible which is maybe a little nudge to us to get to know our Bible stories a little better.

Maybe you’ve given something up for Lent! These first few days since Ash Wednesday are always the hardest I think. Hope it’s going well for you. Remember – the Sundays in Lent don’t count towards the 40 days so if you’ve given up say chocolate, you can have some on Sundays and then resume your fast on Monday!

Loving God,

we thank you for the example of Jesus who resisted the temptations of satisfying himself, of wealth and of fame.

Give us strength as we journey towards Easter. Walk with us and fill us with your Holy Spirit.

We pray this in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN