The Sunday Gospel for 9th February, 2020

This is the 5th Week in Ordinary Time (Year A) and Jesus challenges his people to be salt and light!

Salt is a wonderful thing and only a small amount of it can have a big influence on the taste of a dish! Is Jesus encouraging his followers to make sure they have an impact by the way they live their lives. Are you an influence for good?

He calls those followers “light to the world” and encourages them to stand out, not be hidden and to shine! So how are you shining at the moment?

Loving God,

we give thanks for those who have been salt and light to us in our lives,

enhancing them and guiding us through them.

Help us, too, to influence others positively and to be bringers of your light into those dark situations which we all encounter at times.

We pray this in your Holy Name. AMEN