The Sunday Gospel for 2nd February, 2020

Today is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus – when Mary and Joseph took the 8 day old Jesus to the Temple. It was there that an old man, Simeon, and an old woman, Anna gazed in wonder at the child born to save!

I think one of the most interesting of phrases in this passage is that the old man, Simeon was ‘prompted by the Spirit’ to go to Jerusalem that day. I wonder what that felt like. Did he maybe get a feeling that he needed to go there? Did he hear a voice in his head? Have you ever felt prompted by the Spirit – and followed a gut feeling to do something?

Simeon declares that Jesus is the one to bring light to all. But he also tells Mary that there was suffering ahead! All of our lives, we will encounter highs and lows. The challenge is how to deal with them.

Loving God, we give thanks that your spirit can prompt us and guide us towards the right path to take and the right choices to make.

Help us to be open to the Holy Spirit that we might feel your presence as we journey through life’s ups and downs.

We pray this in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN