The Sunday Gospel for 12th January, 2020

This is the feast of the Baptism of Jesus – which takes place when he’s 30! That’s big time leap in the gospels after the Nativity narratives.

It’s interesting to note that, in this one event, we have the three persons of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is shown in the form of a dove – of which we have a great reminder on our Peace Bell Tower!

It’s good to notice as well that the voice from the clouds indicate that the Creator God is pleased with Jesus. Maybe that affirmation spurred Jesus on to start his ministry. We all like receiving praise (even if we sometimes try to disguise this pleasure so as not to appear big-headed.)

Why not take the opportunity this week to tell others that you think the world of them, that you’re pleased with them, that your favour rests on them!

Loving God, we give thanks for those who bring joy to us.

Help us to acknowledge those who make a difference to us.

Help us to find opportunities to affirm them with kind and encouraging words.

We pray this in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN