Happy New Year!

This was how the day began with my wishing Y8 a happy new year in assembly. My cheerful, heartfelt greeting was met with bemused looks and some “He’s really lost it this time!” glances between friends!

But it is indeed a New Year – a new Church Year – as we enter Advent that time of preparation for Christmas! I love it because, among other things, I get to wear my favourite colour – purple! The Advent Wreath had its first purple candle lit, courtesy of Jasmine – one of our Sacred Time Co-ordinators. And so the journey begins. I hope you’ll maybe consider following our Advent Wellbeing Countdown Calendar – elsewhere this website. Thanks to all who have contributed to it so far! 3 more voiceovers to do, so if you’re up for it, please pop along and see me!

At lunchtime, we had a splendid Overwhelm practice with Mr Fleming who is a fab guitarist as well as a fab person! The song below is one Mr Fleming has chosen for Friday’s big First Friday – Hymns Old and New Session. It’s a wonderful song which most recently featured on the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy! Hope you enjoy it and maybe come along on Friday morning! Just follow the pink hands!