World Kindness Day – teddies

How fantastic on World Kindness Day were the good people of St. Julie’s? Very fantastic indeed!

It’s been marvellous to see shoeboxes arriving for the Shoebox Appeal run by the Humanities Dept. There are adverts for a Supersize Cake Sale – by 9 Arrowsmith. (I don’t know if the cakes are supersize or if it’s the quantity of cakes that will be supersize. Either way, I’ll have to investigate further!) The 1804 Society are gearing up for Children in Need and Y7 had a lovely day on Tuesday supporting the Anti-Bullying Alliance! So well done to all!

Thanks to Mr Willis who recorded the following:

Not to be outdone, Abi and Hannah (2 of our Y8 Sacred Time Co-ordinators) came to record this lovely prayer:

This was the prayer that concluded Mrs Mannings beautiful Wednesday Reflection about her teddy! She spoke movingly about Teddy’s (Teddy is teddy’s name by the way!) adventures and mishaps over the years and how Teddy had become quite damaged and bedraggled. Inspired by The Repair Shop TV programme, Mrs Mannings decided to get Teddy patched up and Teddy did indeed look much repaired. However, Mrs Mannings decided that some things needed to stay as they were because it was the marks and scuffs caused by all that loving that made Teddy unique!

What a lovely reminder that our scars and brokenness are what make us special.

Later in the day, I had the privilege of welcoming some Y10 students into the Chapel with Mr Willis to experience the Stations of the Cross and what a wonderful group they were! Special namechecks to Melissa and Erin for their enthusiasm and insight!