Words of St. Julie – week beginning 04.11.19

This week, we acknowledge St. Julie’s words saying “To do some good, it must cost something!”

When we think of the sacrifices people have made for us, we kind of intuitively know this to be the case. Certainly, I can attest to members of staff at school going way beyond what is actually required of them to give opportunities for our wonderful students. Over the half-term, for example, some staff gave up days of their break to enable students to go to Paris and Disneyland Paris! That willing giving of time to serve others is a very obvious example. The cost to the members of staff in terms of reduced sleep (always the case on a school trip), loss of time with family, loss of own leisure and refreshment time are all made to give participants memories that will stay with them.

St. Julie is also telling us that, in order to achieve something, you have to make sacrifices so when the studying gets hard and you really don’t feel like it, remember these words and be encouraged by them. The cost you pay now will be outweighed by the benefit you will get.

So, you’re invited to pray:

Loving God, we thank you for the words of St. Julie.

Help us to reflect on them and respond to them in our day to day lives.

St. Julie: pray for us, protect us and bless us.